Tuitazo se Cuba opens to the world

    Tweet with PazAmor and
    Radio Miami
    November 14 and 15 2021
    Next November 15th, Cuba will open up to International Tourism and, from this date, the health
    measures that must be followed by all travelers are – All travelers arriving in Cuba after
    November 7 are exempt from quarantine
    Join us with the hashtags #CUBAVIVE #Cubaseabrealmundo
    #happyCUBA #TEAMOCUBA #CubaesAmor #RadioMIAMITV and
    #PazAmor are some of the identifying hashtags for the tweets on the 14th and 15th with the
    name Cuba Opens to the World
    During these dates and will keep you informed of news
    regarding the reopening of the schools in Cuba, the arrival of tourists to the largest island in the
    Antilles as well as the multiple offer available in hotels and restaurants and the services offered
    by the private sector in order to return to normalcy in Cuba and PUT OUR HEARTS into Cuba’s
    society and cultural life
    Let’s Tweet to PEACE and HAPPINESS on the 14th and 15th with PazAmor and RadioMiamiTV
    Come join us let’s make it go viral around the world